We believe that Develop:Brighton is a must-attend event for all game devs in the UK, but don't just take our word for it! Find out below what people who've actually attended as a conference delegate or an exhibitor in the expo thought of it...


Ian Livingstone, CBE photo

Develop always gets put in the diary. There are many reasons to be here, not just the talks, but the networking, people exchanging ideas about where the industry is right now and where it’s going to. It’s pretty essential to be here I think.

Ian Livingstone, CBE

Grace Carroll  photo

There’s really something for everyone at Develop and the experience of being around like-minded people is really useful.

Grace Carroll

Creative Assembly

Alex Moyet photo

There really is a huge mix of people at Develop - loads of peers that you can learn from and the perfect blend of every element of game development as well. 

Alex Moyet

Curve Digital

Gemma Foster photo

A lot of the opportunities that come from being here are speaking to other developers who are doing exactly the same thing as you. And there are some good parties – it’s very much a pleasurable work experience!

Gemma Foster

Dlala Studios

Tetsuya Mizuguchi photo

I’ve felt a big passion here at Develop!

Tetsuya Mizuguchi

Enhance Games

Hannah Flynn photo

Develop is the must-attend event for the games industry in the UK. It’s where we all come together and learn from each other. It’s the best way into the industry and it’s the best place to learn from your colleagues.

Hannah Flynn

Failbetter Games

Kate Edwards photo

If you really want to have a good interface with the British game developer community then this is the place to come.

Kate Edwards


Haden Blackman photo

Building games is hard and it’s taxing physically, mentally and emotionally. So being around a community that understands that is great – there’s a comraderie here.

Haden Blackman

Hangar 13

Rebecca Sampson photo

It’s fantastic to have such an event that provides this opportunity for all the game devs, indie devs and other organisations to get together to showcase what they do, meet and interact.

Rebecca Sampson

Hangar 13

Sean Murray photo

Develop:Brighton is especially unique - it’s by the seaside and there’s a lovely relaxed tone that goes with that.The talks are cool, the networking is cool and having the opportunity to catch up with people – that’s always the excitement for me!

Sean Murray

Hello Games

David Amor  photo

Develop:Brighton’s a great conference. It’s got a spread of people from all parts of the games industry talking about such a wide range of topics.

David Amor

Mag Interactive

Graham Devine photo

There’s something creative about Brighton, so it’s the perfect place to have the conference.

Graham Devine

Magic Leap

Abbie Heppe  photo

It’s really nice to see some of the younger people in our studio come to Develop, interact with other people in the dev community and make new contacts. I think it’s really important to learn from other people.

Abbie Heppe

Media Molecule

Mike Bithell photo

Develop is an excellent way of catching up with people – there’s a really nice community feel here.

Mike Bithell

Mike Bithell Games

Dr Mata Haggis-Burridge photo

One of the things I like about Develop is it brings people together from across Europe and the whole world. There is a very high level of professionals here, so you have company leaders having drinks with juniors from their community.

Dr Mata Haggis-Burridge


Jason Kingsley photo

Develop is important – the networking is very important. And go to talks they’re inspiring and get your creative juices flowing, they can make you think and you’ll learn how other people do things.

Jason Kingsley


Leanne Loombe photo

Develop is a really great way to network, it’s also great for going to talks and finding that little tip that you didn’t know before and thinking – oh I’ll bring that back to the team!

Leanne Loombe

Riot Games

Brenda Romero photo

I really like Develop, I really like the intimacy of it and I love the location.. there’s a good diversity of talks going on so there hasn’t been a time when there’s nothing I want to see.

Brenda Romero

Romero Games

Jessica Saunders photo

By coming to Develop what you get is the opportunity to network like you can’t in any other situation. Everyone knows everyone and it’s such a wonderful community feel. 

Jessica Saunders

Salix Games

Kish Hirani photo

I’ve been to every single Develop in the last 12 years. One thing you get here is networking - you will meet the most amazing individuals in the video games industry.

Kish Hirani

Terra Virtua

Jonathan Smith photo

We are so lucky to have Develop here in the UK. It’s a unique event where you can come and discover new things with people who care passionately about video games. It’s a sea full of new ideas.

Jonathan Smith

TT Games

Jo Twist, OBE  photo

I absolutely love coming to Develop, it’s a brilliant, brilliant conference – you just know you’re guaranteed to meet everyone.

Jo Twist, OBE


Maria Sayans photo

People should come to Develop because it’s where the UK games industry meets.

Maria Sayans


Rami Ismail photo

Develop is a very important place – it’s one of the few developer focussed conferences we have in Europe and that makes it very valuable.

Rami Ismail



Tom Hulton-Harrop photo

We’ve met an amazing variety of people here at Develop – we’ve had students, developers, researchers, people from universities. It’s just been incredible getting to meet all of them and hear their experiences with Lumberyard.

Tom Hulton-Harrop

Amazon Games

Adrian Ruiz photo

We came here looking more for clients and we’ve found a lot of interesting people we’d like to work with in the future. The whole industry’s really well represented.

Adrian Ruiz

Anti Matter Games

Mike Cox photo

It’s gone very well – we expected to see a lot of graduates which we have so that was good. But we’ve also found a good number of medium sized companies – people who’ve been in the industry for a few years. So that was a bonus for us.

Mike Cox

Blazing Griffin

Meg Daintith photo

Develop is the biggest collection of games industry professionals in the UK at any one time – the whole industry is under this roof right now. It’s crazy busy, great mixture of artists, designers, production staff, managers, business development – it’s all here.

Meg Daintith


Phil Owen photo

As far as the game dev community goes, it’s one of the most important conferences that we have in our calendar – coming to Develop is a must every year!

Phil Owen


Piers Coe photo

This is our third year of coming now, it’s been really good so far – lots of new leads and contacts. It’s a good event to come to – right by the beach, lots of parties going on, loads of opportunities to meet new people so it’s really good.

Piers Coe


Nihal Tharoor photo

We’re at early stage build for our game - getting feedback, getting ideas. This is a really generous place to be, everyone’s really interested in nurturing your work.

Nihal Tharoor

Electric Noir Studios

Declan Blayney photo

Develop is an opportunity for everyone to get together and meet. There’s not really anything like this in the UK industry at this kind of size with this many studios.

Declan Blayney

Frontier Developments

Chris Bigelow photo

We are really excited to be here at Develop because Hangar 13 is actually new to Brighton. So we’re here, we’re hiring – it’s kind of our coming out party!

Chris Bigelow

Hangar 13

Nick Gardener photo

You get a really nice mix of established devs and people upcoming in the industry at Develop. For us, it gives us a unique chance to meet up with people we’re interested in.

Nick Gardener


Richard Eddy photo

Develop’s like the beating heart of the games industry. The stand’s been really busy, we’ve had loads of people coming up for all manner of roles not just developers, but people from other industries wanting to break into games.

Richard Eddy


James Rodgers  photo

It’s gone incredibly well – we’ve made some great contacts and potential partnerships with some amazing talent.

James Rodgers

Lunar Animation

Sam Watts photo

I think Develop is probably one of the most important events for game developers. It brings developers together and breaks down those boundaries between the big guys and the little guys.

Sam Watts

Make Real

Shruti Ghosh  photo

I’ve come all the way from India to exhibit our game. It’s a huge event and you get to meet a lot of fellow developers, publishers and gamers.

Shruti Ghosh

Nodding Head Games

Suzee Laxton photo

It’s gone really, really well we’ve met and engaged with lots and lots of people. It’s been great to see the passion that everyone has for the gaming industry and I think that’s infectious.

Suzee Laxton

Silicon Spa

Michael Hampden  photo

There’s just so many amazing developers that come from all over the world to show their stuff here and go to some talks. It’s a really good diverse group of people.

Michael Hampden

Sony London Studio

Sally Blake photo

We’ve definitely achieved what we were hoping to today at Develop. We’ve got a lot of new graduates as well as senior developers and we’re looking for a variety of different roles so it’s been great.

Sally Blake

Ubisoft Reflections

Dr Jeremy Gow photo

It’s been non-stop here, we’ve had people coming for the whole 2 days, a constant stream of people talking to us it’s been fantastic.

Dr Jeremy Gow

University of London

Tim Doubleday photo

Whether it’s an indie studio or one of the larger studios in the UK, I think Develop connects them all together. So it’s connecting with the medium and small indie devs that has a real benefit for us.

Tim Doubleday


Olga Kovinova photo

The atmosphere here is super friendly. We really like Develop – everything from start to end was really good. We found some really good industry partners here.

Olga Kovinova


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