Ugonna Nwosu

Rocksteady Studios/Out Making Games

Ugonna Nwosu photo

Ugonna (he/him) is a Senior Web Developer at Rocksteady Studios building internal tools for developers, management, and support teams. He has previously worked at Square Enix building numerous promotional websites. He has a keen interest in ensuring the games industry is a welcoming place for LGBTQ+ community members as well as other historically marginalised groups.

Ugonna Nwosu is speaking at the following session/s

LGBTQ+ Roundtable

Thursday 14th July: 14.00 - 14.45 Room 5

A roundtable discussion led by Ugonna Nwosu (he/him) from "Out Making Games" and Leon Killin (he/him) from "Sumo Group". Join us for a conversation about sexuality and gender issues in the content, creation and culture of video games. This is a welcoming space to share your stories and learn from the experience of others in a forum of LGBTQ+ games professionals and students having frank conversations about the challenges they face.


We will be leveraging the experiences of the attendees to build takeaways such as

  • An understanding of the concerns of LGBTQ+ individuals working in the games industry
  • Techniques shared from first-hand experiences of celebrating diversity in workplaces
  • Tips and tricks for pushing for better in-game representation from within the industry
  • Building a sense of community and optimism for the future!

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