Sophie van den Boomen

PlayStation London Studio

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Sophie is a Technical Artist specialised in using Houdini for game projects. She is very interested in creating procedural tools that supercharge the art (and sometimes design) teams. She has worked on projects of various scales and team sizes, from independent R&D to AAA game projects. Next to this, Sophie is a Women In Games Ambassador and she is passionate about increasing diversity in the industry. Because of this, she has been on numerous panels and has given a variety of lectures at schools and universities.

Sophie van den Boomen is speaking at the following session/s

'Just Houdini It' - Using Houdini Effectively for Game Development

Thursday 14th July: 11.15 - 12.00 Room 4

Houdini has quickly become the shiny new tool in game development with studios ranging from indie to AAA keen to benefit from the prospect of generating an immense amount of content in shorter time periods. The internet is filled with countless examples of exciting projects showing off the end results, but it can be hard for non-Houdini users to understand the possibilities and limitations of Houdini tools. Having a better overview of this will be helpful in understanding where Houdini can improve workflows for your team while avoiding common pitfalls which often result in painful and costly work farther down the development pipeline. In this talk you will learn where Houdini can be used in game projects, how to effectively communicate about potential tools and you’ll learn some helpful tips for building your own tools.


  • Insights on using Houdini for procedural generation and as a pipeline tool. 
  • How to communicate about tool requests, goals, and scope.
  • Helpful tips for building your own Houdini tools.

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